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Results - Sunday Racing - 26 November 2023

500m Time Trial

Jamie Young 38.16

Chris Macklin 41.62

Lawson Folly 42.34

Boston Harvey 45.78

Hamish Thompson 46.38

Noah Eden 46.72

Lucas Ippolito 47.03

Jason Craig 26.72 (333m)


1st Jason Craig

2nd Lawson Folly

3rd Jamie Young

4th Hamish Thompson

Points Race

1st Chris Macklin (12 points)

2nd= Hamish Thompson (8 points)

2nd= Lawson Folly (8 points)

4th Jamie Young (5 points)

5th Boston Harvey (4 points)

Italian Pursuit

1st Back straight - 1.52.39 (Lucas, Boston, Jamie, Chris)

2nd Front straight - 1.53.01 (Noah, Hamish, Lawson, Jason)

Longest Lap

1st Lawson Folly

2nd Jamie Young

3rd Chris Macklin

4th Noah Eden

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26th November 2023 at 5:30pm to be held upstairs at Eddyline Brewery, 8 Champion Rd, Richmond. After the Sunday racing join us for a drink & pizza followed by AGM Minutes of previous meeting attached

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