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Terms & Conditions

terms & conditions

Track Cycling Nelson Incorporated

Membership General Terms and Conditions

Issue Date: 1 October 2021

I, the person who has applied (or, if under 18, the parent/guardian/caregiver of said person) to Track Cycling Nelson Incorporated “Track Cycling Nelson” (my Member Organisation) for Membership:


Declare that I understand/agree that:

  1. I agree that the details set out in the Application for a Membership are true and correct. If they change, I acknowledge that I am required to notify Track Cycling Nelson of the changes, in writing, as soon as possible after they occur;

  2. I am not aware of any reason why I should not be issued with the membership requested;

  3. I am not currently prohibited in holding membership/licence by a court of law (or other judicial or administrative body), an arbitral tribunal, the UCI AntiDoping Tribunal, Drug-Free Sport NZ, or Cycling New Zealand.

  4. I assume exclusive liability for this application and for the use I will make of the membership;

  5. I will participate in cycling competitions, events and activity in a fair and sporting manner;

  6. I will comply with all disciplinary measures taken against me by Track Cycling Nelson, Cycling New Zealand or the UCI and take any appeals and litigation before the authorities provided for in the Constitution or Regulations of Track Cycling Nelson, my Member Organisation or the UCI;

  7. I accept the Judicial Panels established by Track Cycling Nelson or Cycling New Zealand, the New Zealand Sports Disputes Tribunal and the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) as the only competent jurisdictions in cases provided for by the Regulations of Cycling New Zealand and UCI and that, in the case of CAS, its decisions will be final and binding and not subject to further appeal; subject to paragraph (i), any litigation with the UCI shall solely be submitted to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS).

  8. I agree to abide and be bound by Cycling New Zealand, my Member Organisation, the Oceania Confederation and the UCI Anti-Doping Rules, as well as all documents adopted by Cycling New Zealand, my Member Organisation, Oceania Confederation and the UCI in connection with its Anti-Doping Rules and in connection with the World Anti-Doping Code.

  9. I will return my membership card immediately in the event of any substantial change to the circumstances existing at the time of this application;

  10. I agree that Track Cycling Nelson may use the information collected in this form for purposes relating to my membership of Track Cycling Nelson and for communicating with me about my membership and matters affecting Cycling Nelson;

  11. I agree that my information will also be recorded on Track Cycling Nelson membership systems and databases;

  12. I agree that Track Cycling Nelson may disclose the information to third parties, including sponsors, stakeholders, Cycling New Zealand, the UCI and other organisations referred to in this form;

  13. I acknowledge and agree that my personal data processed as part of my membership application to my and agree to such information being used for administration and governance purposes, including the management of results and rankings, as well as in relation to anti-doping activities and the prevention of the manipulation of competitions;

  14. I understand Track Cycling Nelson and its member organisations have obligations under the Privacy Act;

  15. I may contact Track Cycling Nelson at the following address in order to exercise my right to request access, rectification or deletion of my personal information as per the Privacy Act 2020: ; amd

  16. I understand, once payment has been made to Track Cycling Nelson irrespective of what the payment was for, refunds & cancellations will only be issued in the event of a technical error, or in limited circumstances at Track Cycling Nelson’s sole and absolute discretion. Any refunds issued will be subject to processing and administration fees.

Health & Safety


Track Cycling Nelson Incorporated

Health & Safety Declarations

Issue Date: 1 October 2021


I, the person who has applied to enter an event organised by Track Cycling Nelson Incorporated (or, if under 18, the parent/guardian/caregiver of said person) declare that I understand/agree that:


  1. I am in an appropriate physical condition to participate in training sessions and events, given the known parameters of the Session/Event (such as the length, time, physical demands and environmental context).

  2. I have taken medical advice on any pre-existing medical conditions, and confirm that it is medically safe for me to participate in the Session/Event.

  3. I acknowledge that there are risks involved in the Session/Event.  I fully realise the dangers of participating in the Session/Event, and fully assume the risks associated with my participation and my well-being and safety during and after the Session/Event.  I understand and acknowledge that the Session/Event organisers (including all officials and Session/Event volunteers) provide no warranties, regarding my well-being and safety.

  4. I understand and agree that situations may arise during the Session/Event, which may be beyond the immediate control of the Session/Event organisers (including all officials and Session/Event volunteers).

  5. I will participate in the Session/Event, in a manner that does not endanger either me or others.

  6. I agree that to the extent permissible by law, the Session/Event organisers (including all officials and Session/Event volunteers), the sponsors and other parties associated with the Session/Event, have no liability to me whatsoever for any direct or indirect loss, (including, but not limited to injury or death) sustained by me during or in any way related to my participation in the Session/Event.

  7. I authorise the use of my name, voice, picture and information on this entry form in any broadcast, telecast, promotion, advertising, and in any other way, without payment to me or any other form of compensation.

  8. I agree to comply with the rules, and regulations pertaining to the Session/Event.  I acknowledge Track Cycling Nelson follow the rules and regulations as set by Cycling New Zealand and UCI.

  9. I agree to follow all reasonable safety instructions provided to me by the Session/Event organisers, (including all officials and Session/Event volunteers) before, during and after the Session/Event.

  10. I consent to receiving medical treatment in the event of illness or injuries suffered during or immediately after the Session/Event.

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